I lov, I give 1 euro

Simple, fun and stronger than a like

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Clicking on Lov is saying 'I like' and giving 1 euro

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100% Secured
Zero spam

Everyone can receive Lovs

Artists, non-profits, blogs, friends, events … We all deserve to receive lovs from our true fans, when they spontaneously decide to support us.

Add the lov to your web pages is easy

A simple copy-paste will integrate your own lov button on your communications and web pages. No technical skills are needed and it’s totally secure.

How does it work ?


Quick registration.

Within a few seconds, you register your email, password and credit card number to be able to send your first lov. Our trustworthy certified partner LEMONWAY securely stores your means of payment.

Send lovs, live.

When you find artists, non-profits, friends or any other member of the Lov community that you particularly like, you can instantly and freely decide to support them.

Click and confirm

Once you’re securely connected, you’ll just have to confirm your gesture: your lov is instantly sent to the recipient.

You just made a difference

A secure and concrete transfer of your lov has just occurred: your bank account will be deducted 1 euro. The happy recipient of your lov will receive 0.85 euro.


Anyone can receive lovs.

Once you’ve become a member, we automatically and freely provide you with your own lov button or lov link.

Easy as ABC.

With a simple copy-paste from your member’s page, you’ll be able to integrate your own lov button on your communications, emails, blogs, social networks and web pages … to start to receive lovs.

Collecting lovs

Each lov received credit 0,85€ to your lov wallet. Converted lovs will be automatically transferred on your bank account.


100% secure payments.

Lemonway, a payment institution approved by authorities (ACPR), encrypts all the payment information. We ourselves do not store any credit card number.

Zero spam.

Absolute respect of your personal data: your email and personal information won’t be sold to a third party or abusively used.